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Medical Website Management

As a digital solutions company, we cater to the needs of medical websites: SEO, treatment information, digital advertising and other custom solutions.

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Capture All Potential Patients

Grow Your

Medical Practice

If you are not growing, then you are dying.

Grow your practice by taking advantage of what web technology has to offer today. From custom web analytics to innovative marketing solutions, we promise to use the cutting edge of web technology to ensure your growth.

Your growth is growing more and more dependent upon your digital impression, don’t fall behind and start upgrading today!

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Importance of Design

Great Design

Great Results

Your website is a reflection of your business

Your patients’ customer experience no longer starts in the office. It now starts online. With that in mind, it’s imperative to have the online presence necessary to match your patients’ expectations.

Our design team is experienced with creating seamless user experiences and intelligent design. With the goal of getting the patient through your doors, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring not only your happiness, but that of your patients as well.

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Medical Web Solutions for you

We provide website creation, maintenance and innovation services. From design to communications, our seasoned team has the experience needed to ensure a smooth digital experience for you and your customers.

With many years in web technology and hardware integration, we have the capacity to help you accomplish any goal!

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Local Medical SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization or LSEO is how we improve your visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. 

So when people google “dentist near me“, your beautiful new website is the top result, ready and waiting to guide them to your office.


Understanding user behavior is key to growing your business. At WebUpgrade, analytics are what drives changes so that we can improve your site based upon a data-driven model.

Website Design

Each medical website is carefully crafted by our team to ensure a seamless user experience. With a clear site structure and easy to understand copy, our goal is to create a beautiful and easy to use website for your loyal patients.

Appointment Software

45% of patients have disclosed they prefer an online way of scheduling appointments. Our appointment scheduler is a very easy to use product which connects directly with existing medical software solutions.


Latest works

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Saremi & Johnstone

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SCEG Dentistry


Simple process to start

Tell Us Who You Are

We like to hear about your process first so we can cater a unique solution to fit your needs. We believe it’s this experience that separates good websites from great ones.

Research & Design

Intelligent design comes from research. From our own investigation and your input, we will design a website that reflects your own hard work.

Final Steps

We will create the site and review every piece with you. Make changes wherever you like and we can get it done!

What is WebUpgrade?

We do it All

WebUpgrade is a medical website management company. From website design to custom appointment software, the WebUpgrade team is ready to tackle a diverse range of technical problems. Our team has been creating websites, hardware, and software services for the past 7 years and we are good at it.

Continual Improvement

What makes us special is our long term commitment to YOU the client! We don’t just build you a beautiful website and stop, but we continually improve it. With the rate at which web technology is improving, it’s essential to update it over time or else your website and your business will suffer.


Our Team

Hosting Your Existing Medical Website

While we are building an amazing site for you, we can transfer your site over to our system to ensure a smooth transition. If you do not want us to design a site for you, we can always host your existing website on our system while you also can reap the benefits of our custom software.

Talk with a WebUpgrade team member today to get started.

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